Veteran and Family Support

The Veterans and Family Support Group is part of  Forces Online CIC


The first standalone Social Media platform for Armed Forces Veterans and their families, and other people and organisations that make up the Armed Forces Community.  It is not associated with any other Social Media Platform, although easily links to them.  There is an active Facebook Button which makes login in simple, and it is hoped that this will soon include a Twitter login.

The groups function is based on the Forces Online concept of sharing issues into a group that is made up of like-minded individuals, many of whom represent the vast network of Military and other Charities, Community Interest and Private Limited Companies, Support and Social Media Groups, Pages and Websites.

The network is easily accessible for veterans, family members, friends and, other support organisation officials to ask for or post support requests and enquiries through several mediums including:

·         Our Social Media Network of groups, pages and platforms.

·         The Veterans and Family Support Group (this one).

·         The Forces Online website (there is a chat service on every page, post and directory).

·         Email –

·         Mailing List

·         Forces Online News

·         Our Radio Station Partners

·         Messenger from out Official Facebook Page

·         Through Twitter Messages

·         Through Linked In

·         Through Forces Online Members on Facebook

·         Through our Referral Form (Printed or electronic)

·         Through our Contact Page on the website

·         Telephone/text/message 08456808257 and 07826163001

·         Through Whats App – forcesonline

·         Post (Registered Office) – Forces Online, Holly Court Veterans Centre, 15 Holly Court, High Street, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Somerset, BA32DB. (Visits Tuesdays Only).


The concept is simple an incoming request or enquiry can be shared to an independent support network to find the best outcomes based on a collection of responses, which are then passed quickly back to the source of the enquiry which could be from a veteran or family member, a friend or a person representing another support organisation which helps us to.

“Help veterans and their families in any way we can”


In many cases Forces Online can call on many organisations/individuals they know can help, without the need to call on the network group, and in either case the system is self-leaning with new contacts being added to the Veterans Directory for next time, as well the many individuals that have knowledge or actual experience of receiving help that has helped them, and they are happy to give up their time to help others.

Forces Online CIC Reg. No. 09983828 (England & Wales Feb 2016)