Veteran and Family Support
Terms and Conditions


What does VFSN stand for?

Veteran and Family Support Network

Who Can Join?

You will need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to join the VFSN and fit into one of the joining categories which can be changed anytime. When we complete the checks following your request to join, we will be looking for evidence to confirm that you are who you claim to be, and in some cases, this may even be through us requesting further information, prior to validating your membership. People and organisations that cannot fit the criterion will not be admitted.

Do you work with everyone?

Yes - We are prepared to work with every organisation that currently supports the armed forces community which, are dedicated i.e. setup as a direct service or, occasional i.e. setup for everyone but occasionally provide services/support to our Armed Forces Veterans

If an organisation joins what do you need from them?

We would expect that one or two people from your organisation are present in the VFSN who, can watch out for and possibly respond to veterans’ issue/enquiries where, their organisation could help, and where you have veterans issues/enquiries in your own pages/groups/websites that you need support with, you can directly post this into our VFSN for others to see and possibly help with.

What about individuals?

During the time Forces Online has been operational we have found that individuals are and have been a great source of knowledge, help and support.  Many have either had personal experiences which directly relate to some of the current issues many have faced, or they have knowledge of experience of helping others.  The knowledge and experience are usually very wide ranging and works on the principle of somebody knows somebody that can help.

Is this group aiming to work as a supergroup and want to encourage everyone to join?

No there are already many groups that do this and, it just ends up duplicating memberships, and we respect the groups, pages and websites that are already involved and, there are more than a few of them.  This VFSN wants to embrace the work being done in this area and help them all to connect through a common media.  We will only target a handful of people from each.  So, there is no reason to change loyalties, or steal people from the groups, pages and websites they are familiar with.

So, if you are not trying to steel members, what are you trying to achieve?

The concept is simple and includes all working together.  The Veterans Directory is a free resource for all organisations who support the Armed Forces Community (no matter how small or diverse), to join and promote themselves through the Forces Online shared network of Facebook groups and pages, Twitter and Linked In.  With the Veteran and Family Support Network this is the Forces Online direct help network, and posts into it should be related to this.  But the help does not come from us it comes from the member organisations and individuals who opt to help and support the VFSN.  We gather the outstanding issues and support request into one area, where the individuals and organisation can then respond to the posts which will inputted from our partner network, and our own support network, gathered via our contact systems.  Posts from individuals and other social media groups and pages can be directly shared into the VFSN media group.  In many cases of course our own extensive contact system allows us to rapidly respond to the beneficiaries of the system. With so many quality resources available up and down the United Kingdom there, should be no need to have veterans that are suffering through a multitude of issues to be suffering in silence without support or friendship.  Working together will go a long way to solving the issues, and Forces Online is providing the Medium to do this.


We all served together as Veterans.

And serving together we have won many battles and even wars.

So, let us truly honour those that have gone before us.

And look after those that are left.

And work together NOW.


Terms and Conditions

·         Must be over 18.

·         Must select a username.

·         Must satisfy choose a type of member.

·         Must supply a valid email address.

·         Must supply a valid phone number.

·         Must supply a valid DOB.

·         Must supply a County (If organisation - County or Origin).

·         Must be prepared to answer any membership enquires.

·         If representing an organisation, you must have permission to do so.

·         Must not share any information out from the VFSN without permission.

·         Make sure shared items from Groups pages and websites are authorised.

·         Must not post anything other than support/enquiry requests.

·         Must not post unauthorised copyright material (Text and images) to the VFSN.

·         Be respectful to each other.

·         Be prepared to follow guidance from our administrators.

·         Be prepared for Admins to remove posts once they have been successfully concluded, and any other posts that are no relevant to the VFSN.

·         Check for duplicated posts, as more than one will not be helpful.


Once I have registered what then?


Our suggestion is to login and click to save login details which can be done on a phone and computer.  Once you do this when you go to the login link the system will have you login details ready and one click if the link and, you are back in.


Support request will be highlighted in our Facebook Members Group in the form of a link to let you know another request has been added.  You will soon get used to switching in and out of the VFSN






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